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Why WIKI's


What is a WIKI?

  • The word WIKI means "Quick" in Hawaiian

  • It was designed to be the simplest online information management tool which would work

  • It makes it very easy to create quick, resource-rich web pages which users can contribute to

  • Students (and teachers) can learn to use the WIKI in ten minutes of their first session


Why use WIKI's in Class?

I use WIKIs in class because of their combination of


Ease of Use

  • Zero learning curve - As pbwiki says, "Its as easy as making a peanut butter sandwich"

  • No tech skills required beyond basic keyboard and mouse

  • Uses skills students already have

  • Fun and instant results



  • Perfect for colaboration, group projects and class pages

  • Capaable of storing and displaying a wide vareity of materials, like

  • Standard text editing tools, for writing assignments

  • Drag and drop photos from any web page, or upload your own

  • Embed Word and Excel documents

  • Embed video, from YouTube, news sites or upload your own

  • Embed Powerpoint, Adobe PDFs, and slide shows

  • Embed sound, steaming audio or an mp3 player

  • Maps, games, gadgets, RSS feeds and more


Where can I get a WIKI?


Our favorite site for both free and premium WIKIs is



How can I learn to use the WIKI?


Check out the Support Center, with How-to videos, a manual and Webinars




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