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 I think most people like donuts!! Especially when they are slightly warm, soft ,sweet...and yummy. And, of course, I love donuts.


Donuts are a type of fried dough food popular in many countries and prepared in various forms as a sweet snack. There are famous donut franchises in both Japan and the USA. The Japanese one is called Mister Donut, while the American one is Dunkin' Donuts.



Here are their logos.





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Dunkin' Donuts was founded in Quincy, Massachusetts in 1950.

This map shows where Dunkin' Donuts first store was. It is still open!

It is located less than 1 hour by a train south of Boston.


(But the exterior and the interior of the shop are almost identical to Dunkin' Donuts in the vicinity here!)






There are many similarities between the donut shops in Toyko and Boston: 


・Donuts are loved by people around the world.


・The variety of donuts are about 50.


・They both serve coffee and tea to drink with the donuts.


  In addition, both have seasonal donuts and local donuts. For example, in Japan, one of the local donuts is green tea flavor, which is a popular taste for the citizens of Japan.Green tea donuts record good sales every year.


The following commercial shows parts of Japanese culture like wearing kimono, the sound of shyamisen (that is a three-stringed Japanese banjo) and the song of a bush warbler. In America, in the other example, one of the seasonal donuts is fall  flavor like pumpkins.And the decorations are also in fall style, featuring Halloween. There are a Frankenstein and a Dracula-shaped cookie on a donut as seasonal toppings.






・The shape of donuts


  In general, donuts are known as having a hole in the middle of the dough all over the world.


  Do you know why this is? The answer is to insure proper cooking even on the inside by making a hole in the middle.


  This video from Krispy Kreme, another American donut chain, shows how to make donuts.



 The shapes are not only ring donuts but also


・twist donuts

・filled donuts - putting something on the inside of donuts, like jellies, jams or creams

donut holes - this is what happens to the middle that remains when they made a ring donut!

                         these are called "D-pop" in Mister Donut, and "Munchkins" in Dunkin' Donuts in both Japan and







  The big difference is how people think about donuts as food. Donuts are a staple breakfast food in America. The Donut is the part of lifestyle for American people. There are many occasions for consumption of donuts: for breakfast, for a snack, at parties or meetings, etc.  On the other hand,in Japan, these are considered sweets. That is why the number of shops are different. Mister Donut has about 1300 shops in japan, and about 1,400 shops in other Asian countries. Dunkin' Donuts has about 4,400 Dunkin Donuts in America.


Dunkin's Donuts did store development in Japan from 1970 to 1998. However, it withdrew after years of disappointing sales. Now, there are about 1600 shops in 30 countries, although none in Japan. 


●comparison of calories●


  Girls (also Boys) are worried about calories!!


 Dunkin' Donuts
Mister Donut
old-fashioned donut
280 cal
227 cal
coconut chocolate donut
340 cal
239 cal
french cruller
250 cal
158 cal
chocolate kreme donut
310 cal
221 cal
vanilla kreme filled donut
320 cal
228 cal


The donut's name is same, but the calorie count is different. Mister donut has less calories than Dunkin' Donuts according to the chart above. The Sugar Raised Donut is the least calorie donut in Dunkin' Donuts. If you want to eat donuts in Boston and you care about calories, I recommend eating Sugar Raised Donut in Dunkin' Donuts. 


Also, they taste different. Recently, in a Boston Dunkin' Donut, I ate a Glazed Donut and a Boston Cream Donut. The Boston Creme is a donut with chocolate frosting and a creamy vanilla or custard filling which was designated the official donut of Massachusetts in 2003. 


Taste of the cream inside was different. The cream from Mister Donut had a richer taste, and was thicker. The color was vivid yellow. Meanwhile, the Dunkin' Donuts taste like caramel, mild, but it was too sweet for me. The color is light-yellow. We have Glazed Donuts in Japan, too. Although the taste is completely the same, the

coating of sugar was thicker in the US . So, that made it so sweet!






Decorations on donuts are a little bit different between Japan and America. In America, the decorations are very colorful.

These attract the eye. It is the same in Japan - they coat the donuts with sugars and chocolates, and put creams inside donuts. But, in the US they use more chocolate and put more cream inside of donuts than Japan. Furthermore, they add something on top of the donuts - sprinkles. They use sprinkles as toppings on donuts,like that.(←)In comparison, Mister Donuts looks simple.  








▲dunkin' donuts




▲mister donut







In Mister donut, there is a " 1 donut ¥100 yen(=$1) sale about once every three weeks on the weekends. They sponsor these sales because they want to break the slump of sales caused by the issue of additives in the past. In addition, Krispy Kreme Donut came into Japan these past 5 years. Mister Donut thinks they must lure customers by sales in order not to lose market share. So they often have the sale!


On the other hand, there is constant demand for donuts in America even if they don't have sales. And, the price of donuts in America is cheaper than in Japan. In Mister donut,single donut prices are from$1.15~1.46. Meanwhile, in Dunkin' Donuts, almost every donuts is $0.90. This is why donut shops including Dunkin' Donut don't need  to offer sales.  







People everywhere seem to like Donuts. Donuts shops sell donuts of various tastes to match the countries they are in. Together with donuts, they also offer drinks and snacks at reasonable prices. The two chains I researched, Mister Donut in Japan and Dunkin's Donuts in the US, make delicious donuts right now that will give us a happy feeling. Donuts continue being loved by all.  













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